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How to remove people from photos on iPhone 2024

    You might want to edit people out of your photos for many reasons. Perhaps there is a photobomber or you want to remove an ex-partner from your precious memories. Removex is the best app to erase people from photos, because unlike other apps, no tiresome painting is required.

    It uses the latest AI technology to find pixels that have a person and replace them to blend in the background, which is hundreds of times easier and more realistic than using photoshop. Here is how you use it:

    Download Removex from the Apple App Store

    Firstly you need to download the app, as you would for any other app. You can tap this link or search “Removex” on the store.

    Allow Access to Photos

    The app needs to access your photos to find and edit them. We would recommend allowing access to all so you don’t select a photo the app cannot edit.

    Select a photo

    Choose the photo from your iPhone Photos where you want to delete someone (or even multiple people).

    Choose the person to remove

    Once you’ve select a photo, the AI will find all the people in there, and you can choose who to remove! It can be more than one person.

    Watch the magic happen

    After a short loading time, the person will have disappeared, if you allow changes the edit automatically shows in Apple Photos! And you can undo the changes either in the app or in the Photos app too, impressive! The results are pretty amazing.