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NumberDrop is a math puzzle game for iOS and Android. To solve a puzzle you have to turn a grid of numbers in to the target numbers by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. You will have to use your arithmetic and logic to solve the puzzles. They start off easy but become super challenging!


  • Hundreds of levels to play through that will train your math skills that get more and more difficult
  • Weekly puzzles give a new set of challenges for you every week!
  • The game works offline and there are no limits to your gameplay
  • In random mode you can generate an infinite number of puzzles
  • Share any puzzle with friends
  • Compete to get to the top of the leaderboards and earn achievements


A really good test of your arithmetical flexibility. The more familiar you are with your times tables, the easier it will be, but even then you need to plan before you act to get the best score. As a Maths educator, I rate this game highly.

Google Play Reviewer

Number Drop is a really fun game to improve my arithmetic. I play it daily to challenge my brain and it keeps getting more difficult. Iโ€™m starting to notice I am working out the values more quickly like some of my grey matter is connecting ๐Ÿ˜

Apple App Store Reviewer

The students have benefited from NumberDrop a variety of ways. Firstly, it improves their knowledge of the basic functions, and helps them with times tables, division and sums. Secondly, the puzzling nature of the app allowed the students to work and think logically, and finishing a difficult puzzle meant using problem-solving skills they might not necessarily have used with standard maths questions.

Morgan Lamb – Maths Intervention Coordinator (read more here)


Solving a Puzzle

What it looks like

  • The light blue numbers on the bottom row match the dark blue numbers below them
  • Numbers must match in value and be in the same order
  • No other numbers may be left over

How to do it

  • Tap on +, -, ร— or รท.
  • Swipe from one number square to another.
  • The numbers will combine in the direction of the swipe (e.g. swiping from 2 to a 3 after tapping ร— will make a 6 where the 3 was).
  • Keep going until you complete the puzzle.
  • If you get stuck you can, restart, undo, or use a hint

Gameplay Tips

  • Learn your multiplication tables
  • Think carefully before you start, if you restart you will lose XP


Who is the game suitable for?

Anyone who can add, subtract, multiply and divide can play the game, children or adults. As you go through the levels it does get very challenging.

Tapping on the hint button does nothing, why is that?

The hint system has a specific solution in mind. If you have made a move that means it can’t do it’s solution then it won’t work, you will have to restart the puzzle and then use a hint.


You can download NumberDrop from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.