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5 Brilliant Government Simulation Games for Android


    In RandomNation you are setting policies and making decisions to try and stay in power as long as possible. There are two modes: in democracy mode you have to win the election every four years whilst also keeping your party happy (there are many parties to choose from), or premium users can play in dictator mode without those limitations.

    In both modes you have to manage you budget, be ready for disasters and make important decision for your country’s future.

    The statistics section gives in depth stats on everything from population to economy to popularity and advice gives you important indicators on how you are performing as a leader. Use both of these to help you stay in power.

    There are so many ways to lose power from bankruptcy to invasion to revolution, this game is truly a challenging balancing act. You will learn it is hard to keep everyone happy!

    Download RandomNation on Google Play


    In Lawgivers, you can do things the nice way or the corrupt way. Bribery, relationships, policies and promises are all important aspects of the game. There are many playable countries, loads of laws to pass and you can even assassinate people!

    Google Play

    Big Politics Inc. USA Edition

    Big politics is a challenge to win the 2020 election. It has a cute cartoon interface but packs some serious functionality. You can pass policies, get donations, create your own party, run candidates and attract donations.

    Google Play

    270 | Two Seventy US Election

    Another US specific game where you have to strategise to win the election. Choose from your favourite US politicians and consider strategies of attracting special interests and the general public to win your minimum 270 electoral votes.

    Google Play


    The newer of the politics games, it deals with politics, economics and the art of war! You can attack other countries whilst setting domestic policy at home. Like RandomNation there are multiple ways to lose the game.

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