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NumberDrop is a uniquely challenging math puzzle game that trains your arithmetic and logic.

You have to use your math skills and drop the numbers in the right order to complete a puzzle!

• Add, subtract, multiply and divide your way through hundreds of captivating levels.
• The levels steadily increase in difficulty to train your brain.
• Fresh puzzles delivered to your phone every week!
• Play our game anywhere, any time with offline play and no time limits.
• Leaderboards show off your arithmetic skills.
• Generate infinite puzzles in random mode.
• Share any puzzle with friends to share the challenge!

How to play:
• Select +, -, × or ÷ and swipe between two numbers to combine them.
• The bottom row values must match the target values with nothing left over.
• Sometimes you will get stuck. You can restart, undo or use a hint.


NumberDrop Gameplay (iOS)

NumberDrop Trailer (Android)

NumberDrop Gameplay (Android)



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